Lorelei Ballerina

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Lorelei Ballerina

Product Description

Lorelei Ballerina

Lorelei is 12" in height. 

She is a handmade fashion doll. Her details are stunning in person.

Her complexion has detailed eyes, eyelashes, coloring to the cheek bones.

Her hands and feet are also hand detailed.

Lorelei and Friends® is a collection of 7 fashion dolls. 


Her ballerina outfit is handmade. 

It has ruffled quarter sleeves with pink tutu.

We are also including an unattached white tutu with 3 layers for layering under or over the ballerina outfit. 

Pink leather ballerina slippers and pink tights finish the look. 

One pink hair scrunchy is also included for putting her hair up.