At our company, we take our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility seriously. In our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact, we have made significant changes to our packaging and shipping practices.


As part of these changes, we have eliminated window boxes as a shipping option for our dolls, opting instead for more sustainable alternatives. For our baby dolls, we have transitioned to lightweight and recyclable poly bags, while our fashion dolls are now shipped in reusable and durable canvas carriers. In addition, all dolls will now be shipped in unmarked brown boxes that can be repurposed for future shipping needs, further reducing waste.


These changes not only help to reduce waste and promote sustainability but also ensure that our dolls reach our customers in the best possible condition. By prioritizing sustainability in our packaging and shipping practices, we are doing our part to protect the environment and promote a greener future.


At our company, we remain committed to sustainability and are always looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact. We believe that these changes will help us achieve our goals of promoting a more sustainable future, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to protect the planet for generations to come.